14 Link Arch

Please make sure that when the arch is being unbagged

and ready to set up that it makes a smooth arch style.

Sometimes in travel the "Collars" become twisted and just need set back into place.

All information regarding this will be told to you at the time of order and at pick-up.

8 Link Arch

​Used for Candy or Gift Tables

Spiral Stack Arch

​​Arches are a fun way to add a little something else to the event!  
We make 2 different styles of arches, Link Arch and Spiral Stack Arch.

What's the difference? Well, let us explain.....

Link Arch 

The Link Arch is a quick and easy way to build impressive decor.

​The balloons used have two tying places, one at the bottom (neck) of the balloon and one at the top (tip),

allowing balloons to be tied together to create an arch.

It does not require frame equipment, so there is no need for anything to be returned or picked up.

Helium is used and gives the arch it's lift to stay up.

We create the arch in 2 separate pieces that we put in a balloon transport bags.  When the arch is ready to be set up, the 2 pieces will get tied together and then it's ready to go for your event! 

**Please see below for pictures of CORRECT and INCORRECT set-up**

​The Link Arch is easy to transport in a SUV.

Spiral Stack Arch

The Spiral Stack Arch is a very impressive decor piece for any event!

Air is used to create the Spiral Stack Arch. Since it does have the lift of helium, it does require our equipment to be used to give it the arch look.

Delivery & Setup by The Balloon Shoppe is required for the Spiral Stack Arch. 

Arrangements will need to be made to return the equipment.

Arch set-up CORRECT

14 Link Arch with bases

Arch set-up INCORRECT