Elf Balloon Wrap

We wrap Elves all year long!

When you need "Elf" to do something special for an Arrival, Birthday, Holiday or their Big Trip back home, we can help!

 Bring in your Elf or Elves to get "Wrapped up!"



(for up to 3 Elves)


Balloon Wrap

Decorator Balloons & Ribbons

Black Bag for transport

Elf Wrap Tips

Your Elf must have all clothing and hats securely attached before drop off.

Added candy or treats must fit into our cellophane treat bags.​

Balloon Wrap will last 7-10 days.​

Can hang with attached ribbons or can sit in a bowl or display stand.

Display stands are available to purchase for $0.50.

Elf is suspended by fishing line, not in a fixed position.

We cannot accommodate on the spot Elf Wraps until after November 27th.

We can wrap your Elf all year round! Birthdays, Arrival, Departure or anything else!